FAQs – Bonded ADSL Frequently Asked Questions

We have been supplying Bonded Internet connectivity to the largest and most demanding businesses in the UK for years.

Our network is currently supporting hundreds of businesses and thousands of users, we know bonded ADSL. Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions.

We are specialist providers of industrial-strength bonded ADSL solutions to the most demanding business sectors in the UK.

Our customers range from the largest manufacturing business in the UK, numerous FSTE 250 companies and the largest public sector organisations through to small businesses and sole traders.

The sectors that we serve with our fully managed bonded ADSL solutions are similarly diverse, a selection of which can be seen here.

What Condition Will I Receive My Laptop In?
Operationally the laptops will be fully working. There will be NO lines or scratches on the screen. On some occasions there may be minor scratches or wear and tear marks on the plastics but these will be purely cosmetic and will not hinder the operation or use of the laptop in anyway.

If there is anything severe (cosmetically) we will always list it in the advert and the item price will reflect this accordingly. If there is anything wrong with the laptop operationally, we simply will not sell it and you will not even see it advertised!